Minecraft Infrastructure

Infrastructure Repostory for hosting a Minecraft Server at hetzner.de, used a combination of Terraform, Ansible and Vagrant.

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We play Minecraft since many years, on the same world, mostly on the latest Spigot Version. Sometimes with more players, othertimes with not so many. So we need a scalable environment with mininmal cost, at not used Time, lets go in the Cloud! ;).



This Repository can be used to Provide your Server on two different Platforms Vagrant and Hetzner Cloud. For more information take al kook to the Documentation nolte.github.io/minecraft-infrastructure.

Local (Vagrant)

For the Local usage you need a runnable Vagrant Installation. The Local Vagrant part skip the Terraform installation tasks, like backup volumen handling etc. Only the Server Configuration Part provisioning/maintenance/master_playbook-configure-system.yml will executed, with the inventory provisioning/inventories/test.

Hetzner Cloud

As Cloud Provide for the Production we use hetzner.de, it exists a nice RestAPI, and a good Terraform Provider for configure the Infrastructure, i love it ;).

Advanced Informations

This Repository is part of the “Host your own Minecraft Server” Project, other parts of the project are nolte/minecraft-gameserver for public WebPresentation and nolte/ansible-minecraft a Ansible Role for install and configure the Minecraft Server.

The reuseable Base is extracted to nolte/ansible_playbook-baseline-online-server/ and nolte/terraform-infrastructure-modules.

Our Production Ansible Inventory is located add a private GitRepository, for protecting Player Informations.